Medical Lubricant

INPHENA Medical Lubricant is a novel anti-friction product based on medical silicone.

The product has been developed in order to fulfil demand for an antifriction lubricant with multiple uses, which is simple, safe, effective and comfortable for both patients and hospital staff.

INPHENA Medical Lubricant is ideal for use on skin and mucous membranes within diagnostics, examinations, treatments etc., where an anti-friction effect is desired. Some areas could be obstetrics, gynaecology, geriatrics and colonoscopy.

This medical silicone contains no additives other than the medical silicone (Dimethicon), which is in a super concentrated form. It has been proven that a high concentration increases the anti-friction effect.

INPHENA Medical Lubricant 100ml

Medical silicone with anti-friction properties for use as lubricant on mucous membranes and skin e.g. within obstetrics, gynaecology and colonoscopy.

Suitable for highly sensitive areas. Dermatological certified. Breathable. Bacteria- and fungus resistant.

Does NOT contain allergens, cyclic compounds, perfume, oil, fat, preservatives or water. Non sticky. No taste or scent.

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Inphena Medical Lubricant 3 x 100 ml
Inphena Medical Lubricant 15 x 100 ml

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Medical Lubricant